Upcoming Music video

You who follow me on Facebook and Instagram have probably noticed that I’ve been working on a music video the last few days. Together with my good friend and good photographer Markus Lidevi have I created a video for the song ”Seeds That You Sow”

We wanted to present the bright feeling of the song, it’s about my vision of heaven and our journey to this destination. How we through words and acts can lead more people to heaven just by planting small seeds of faith and hope into their lifes. But also a image of how the beauty we see in this world only is a small fragment, a seed of what we will see in heaven one day.

So we wanted to take advantage of the lovely summer weather that has arrived in Sweden the past weeks. On a field outside Vårgårda we filmed the video, I was grateful for the wind since it made the heat bearable. After that we have been editing the video. I will make the video public later, but here’s a few samples from the video!

On saturday I will go to Värnamo and have a small gig with Nathanael, it will be the first concert with my new guitar which you can see on the pictures, a Taylor 114e for those who care, sounds amazing!

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