Two gigs on one day

This saturday i had two gigs on one day. First I played at Charity Run in Lagan, a bike-event where the purpose is to drive motorcycles and collect money to chary, hence the name…

I played just before the bikes was going to leave together with Nathanael Nilsson and David Einebrant on bass and guitar.

Unfortunately there were som misunderstandings so during my performance some bikes who were supposed to go ahead started up and drove away, suddenly everyone hurries away to their bikes during my show which gave a strange feeling. The gig went well however…

Later in the evening I had my second concert just a few kilometres away. We played in a summerchurch and now we had extendet the band with my wife Susanna on piano and Johan Råsbrant on the drums. This time the audience stayed throughout the concert… A lovely evening and a good concert.

A big thanks to everyone who listened, no matter if you were sitting in a bench or on a motorcycle.


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