Some fun and some less fun things

The fun thing first. I am booked for Gullbrannafestivalen, a swedish christian musicfestival where artists such as Michael W Smith, Andrew Peterson and more will play this year. 5:th or 6:th of july it will be.

I also got my first review today which is fun, however the review was not the most uplifting one I’ve read. It’s a swedish youth-magazine, and the consolation is that my music is not exactly focused on youths, I usually consider 20 years and above as my main target-group. You can read it here if you like to. In swedish though…

Reviews are always a hard thing, even though there can be harsh words it’s the writers opinion only, and it’s not always the same opinion as the rest of the world. I have many favourite albums of my own that isn’t always the highest rated albums in reviews.


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