Available on Spotify!
Available on Spotify!


  1. All the Things I Left Behind (3:55)
  2. Seeds That You Sow (5:14)
  3. Tears That You Never Reveal (4:05)
  4. Endless Dawn (4:29)
  5. Everything’s Fading (4:16)
  6. New Revelations (4:03)
  7. Rose Of Gold (4:42)
  8. Letter to An Atheist (4:05)
  9. Nothing More To Fear (4:24)
  10. Your Other Cheek (4:58)
  11. When (4:41)
  12. Even When You’re Stumbling (4:18)
  13. Still (4:12)


Album: All The Things I Left Behind
Artist: Josef Tingbratt
Producers: Josef Tingbratt & Marcus Sigvardsson
Musicians: Josef Tingbratt & Marcus Sigvardsson and:
Nathanael Nilsson bass: “Seeds That You Sow”, Tears That You Never Reveal”, “Endless Dawn”, “Letter To An Atheist”, “Your Other Cheek” and “Even When You’re Stumbling”.
Samuel Wilhemsson piano/keys: Seeds That You Sow”, Tears That You Never Reveal”, “Endless Dawn”, “Letter To An Atheist” and “When”

Record Company: Endless Dawn Media
Distribution: Record Union
Photo: Markus Lidevi
Cover Art: Sofie Persson

Music & Lyrics: Josef Tingbratt
Except: Tears That You Never Reveal”, “Endless Dawn” and “Still”:
Lyrics : Josef Tingbratt Music: Samuel Wilhelmsson

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    1. Hello Aprilia and thank you for your question! This Album is available as digital download at all the major providers of Digital Media, both as streaming and download. I.e. iTunes, Spotify, Google Music etc.

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