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Available on Spotify!


  1. All the Things I Left Behind (3:55)
  2. Seeds That You Sow (5:14)
  3. Tears That You Never Reveal (4:05)
  4. Endless Dawn (4:29)
  5. Everything’s Fading (4:16)
  6. New Revelations (4:03)
  7. Rose Of Gold (4:42)
  8. Letter to An Atheist (4:05)
  9. Nothing More To Fear (4:24)
  10. Your Other Cheek (4:58)
  11. When (4:41)
  12. Even When You’re Stumbling (4:18)
  13. Still (4:12)


Album: All The Things I Left Behind
Artist: Josef Tingbratt
Producers: Josef Tingbratt & Marcus Sigvardsson
Musicians: Josef Tingbratt & Marcus Sigvardsson and:
Nathanael Nilsson bass: “Seeds That You Sow”, Tears That You Never Reveal”, “Endless Dawn”, “Letter To An Atheist”, “Your Other Cheek” and “Even When You’re Stumbling”.
Samuel Wilhemsson piano/keys: Seeds That You Sow”, Tears That You Never Reveal”, “Endless Dawn”, “Letter To An Atheist” and “When”

Record Company: Endless Dawn Media
Distribution: Record Union
Photo: Markus Lidevi
Cover Art: Sofie Persson

Music & Lyrics: Josef Tingbratt
Except: Tears That You Never Reveal”, “Endless Dawn” and “Still”:
Lyrics : Josef Tingbratt Music: Samuel Wilhelmsson

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