Links to friends and related websites – Josefs Soundcloud profile – Information about other swedish bands with a christian profile (in swedish) – My good friend, former bandcollegaue and fantastic photographer who has taken all of my press-pictures and cover-art photos. (in swedish) – The Website of Marcus Sigvardsson, my co-producer for the album ”All The Things I Left Behind”. (in Swedish)

Ofii – Sofie Persson who designed the album-cover publishes her work here. – Samuel Wilhelmsson and Åsas Vravossinos project with worship songs where I had the honour to sing on the song ”Inför ditt kors”, there are songs in english there as well. – Samuel who is the composer of Still, Endless Dawn and Tears that You Never Reveal has his own myspace worth a visit. – Nathanael who plays bass with me and on most of the songs on the album writes his own songs as well.



All The Things I Left Behind (2013)

I skuggan av jul omslag copyI skuggan av jul (2011, swedish only)

My previous band Kite is also available on iTunes

kitesoilSoil (2002)


Open (2007)


Equipment and companies i use and recommend:

Ovation – Acoustic guitars of high quality – My main supplier of musical equipment

Apple – Stabile computers

Logic Pro 9 – My worplace for production and composing.

Toontrack – Great drum-plugins and other useful stuff for music production.

Presonus – Recording interfaces.

Yamaha – Monitors

AKG – Microphones and headphones

Elixir – Strings

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